It’s Time to Sack Your Feelings!

There seems to be a common thought process at the beginning of Spring…If you’re like me, you’re stoked that winter is over, and super excited for Summer. But then there’s also this anxious feeling, as you realise that it’s been a long, lazy winter and you’ve definitely neglected your workout routines. You think it’s time to throw yourself into regular exercise ASAP to get ready, so you make a decision… “That’s it! I’m doing it!”…

And then you realise you’ve said the same thing everyday for the last 3 weeks.

What kind of crazy person feels like putting themselves through pain anyway?!

Some people call this pain discipline, I call it annoying…

Cutting out ice cream from my life, going to bed early, studying, saving money instead of buying a new dress, being patient and saying no to something that looks good, pursuing God…

Maybe you know that feeling…you’ve been curious about God, wondering if you could ever experience Him… or maybe you remember how amazing it feels to be close to Him and you crave it… but for some reason, finding a Bible and taking the time to sit down and read it, doesn’t sound as exciting… just time consuming, and boring.

We spend SO much time waiting for all the right feelings… We want to feel good about doing things before we make a decision and get going. And then if we feel tired, uncomfortable or nervous, we’ll just postpone it for another time. “I’m not really feeling up to it today”…

In the meantime we chill out, convinced that everything will be ok.

The scary thing is, feelings are ridiculously unreliable. They’re so often nowhere to be found when we need them the most. And then we get another week closer to summer and we still haven’t started exercising. Then another month goes by, God’s still waiting for us, and we’ve missed out on SO much revelation, direction, purpose, and blessing that would transform our lives!

All because of stupid feelings!

I say, you need to sack your feelings!

Then you might like to consider employing some Truth.

Truth won’t ever lie to us like our feelings do. Truth reminds me that exercise IS good for me and WILL make me fit, while feelings convince me that 30mins on the couch will be much more beneficial.

Truth is all about what’s actually best for me.

Truth understands that the best thing sometimes feels like the hardest thing, but is absolutely confident that it’s all worth it. It’s honest. It’s reliable. It’s always right.

So unfortunately truth often feels more like a mean personal trainer than a friend.

I don’t generally enjoy my workout for the first 10 minutes of it…it may even make me angry and frustrated…

But something does happen as I start feeling my heart racing, the sweat, adrenalin, the mental images of a fit body, and the greatest feeling of achievement knowing that I pushed through the pain and finished.

The next time I need to workout, it’s still hard to get going, but it’s a tiny bit easier than last time. And it does get easier every time I do it… eventually, I almost love exercise and even feel slightly addicted to it.

But I’ll never be able to convince you to believe any of this. You’ll only know from your own experience.

Truth tells you that if you want to get healthy, beat that addiction, learn the guitar, get over that fear, get close to God, you have to just do something about it.

You HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that you most likely won’t have feelings to get you started, so you’ll have to rely on truth to motivate you.

And then you HAVE TO BELIEVE that as you keep doing it, you’ll begin to enjoy it, and one day you’ll find that sweet, satisfying place where it all feels SO GOOD!

Decide first, feel later!


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Determined to get as much out of life as possible...and to give just as much.
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