We all know what it feels like to have someone ruin our fun. When I was at school, laughing fits always happened at the most inconvenient times. A friend or I would make a little comment that would send us both into hysterical laughter, but the teacher seemed to only interpret our humour as a disruption. Why?

Why go to bed early? Why eat my veggies, save my pocket money, stay away from the edge, watch the speed limit, be on time…?

Ok… deep down we knew why these rules and decisions were made for us.

But even now I often feel like life is strangled by expectations. Everyone and everything seem to want something from me. My parents, my boss, my electricity company, my pile of washing, my homework, my broken car, my fitness, my massive to-do list…

It can often feel like our entire supply of time and energy is spent on things we feel obligated to do rather than things we personally choose to do.

Have I lost my own will?

No wonder why we crave holidays, options and freedom to make decisions to do what we want, when we want to.

No wonder why we all have this inner urge to rebel. To say “NO!” when confronted with a demand, to party hard when we finish school, to sleep in till lunchtime on a day off, to leave the country, to move out of home, to sing and play music as loud as possible in our car, to eat cake for dinner…

No wonder why we often see God and Christianity as more rules and expectations that steal more of our freedom. Someone else who just wants more from us.

More obligations…

Read the Bible. Pray. Attend Church. Serve. Love your enemies. Try not to sin. Use self discipline. Obey. Give. Sacrifice. Commit.

But then…

Sometimes I stop and notice a sunset, I eat the sweetest mango, or I consider the inventor of the sabbath day, sleep, travel, food, the beach, love, sex and music…

God is actually a creative genius who totally has His head around the idea of fun and indulging in gooood things.

And honestly… once I’ve thoroughly tasted freedom, done my own thing, experienced the world, and satisfied my curiosity, I just feel… Empty.

Because as great as it feels to make all my own decisions, I’m left with too many questions… Who am I? Why am I here? What makes me different from everyone else on this planet? What am I supposed to do with my life? Who knows?…

God does.

Escaping doesn’t seem like a good plan anymore.

Maybe He’s not out to ruin my fun.

I reckon God might actually be much more chilled out than any of us. He created the world, designed the perfect life for each of us, set all His plans in motion and then sat back to watch it all happen…

He does try to talk to me, to help me get on track… Because more than anything, He wants me to see that He really went all out with His amazing designs for my greatest life possible.

But He just waits.

He doesn’t force me. And He doesn’t respond like my angry teacher when I ignore Him or make stupid decisions.

He’s kind enough to let me decide for myself.

No demands.

No reason to rebel.

Just an invitation to follow His directions for an amazing life of significant purpose, blessings, unbelievable opportunities, growth, insight, help when I need it and SO much fun!

…Ok please tell me what to do!!


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Determined to get as much out of life as possible...and to give just as much.
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  1. amieelizabeth14 says:

    I think you read my mind! I’ve been thinking about the exact same thing lately….

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