I Seem to Have Misplaced Motivation…

So you’ve got an essay to write, or the messiest bedroom to clean, a goal to lose 10kgs, a bunch of chords to learn on the guitar, a stack of paper work to attend to, a book to read, a debt to pay off, or just a million different things on a to-do list…argh! Too much mental energy required, so tedious, uncomfortable, too many decisions, physically draining, so time consuming…as my good friend Sharee would say “too hard basket”.

Ok so anytime these kinds of responsibilities/obligations/expectations enter my mind, all of a sudden, checking Facebook is super important! Or it becomes lunchtime all day long (for the sake of the break and for the food). It’s way too natural for me to find every reason under the sun for why that task is just impossible. Procrastination, doubt, insecurity, fear of boredom, all of the above.

There’s this thing called “motivation”…I’ve experienced it a couple of times, but I’m convinced it’s a master at hiding in places it can never be found. It plays hard to get, and is rarely available when I need it. SO unreliable! So when it doesn’t come to us, most of the time we have to hunt it down.

I’ve come to discover some really good bait for motivation…enough to get me to the point where I can’t put the book down, when a piece of chocolate doesn’t even interest me, and when I’m addicted to ticking off my list. Because after I had lost the first kg, I felt amazing and couldn’t wait to see what I’d look like after I’d lost the next one…after I’d written the first 500 words of my essay, I was in the zone and ready to write 500 more…once I had paid of one debt, I was ready to ban myself from shopping so I’d save the money to pay the next one…after I conquered the first thing, I wanted to do it again…it’s as if the thrill of the achievement stirs excitement to attack the next challenge.

Sometimes it’s a matter of just finding the easiest or smallest things on our to-do list and make them happen first. Ticking them off the list is SUCH a great feeling and we’ll most often find the motivation to attempt the other things. We can set little achievable goals…don’t think about the 10kg, just think about 1kg…stop thinking about the 3000 word limit and just attack the first paragraph…don’t worry about the fact that you can’t see your bedroom floor, just put 5 items of clothing away.

Just start somewhere. Then once you’ve done something, stop and look at your progress. Recognising your achievement is the key to momentum. We like to be productive. A healthy sense of pride in success initiates the energy and confidence to be even more successful. And one day you’ll look back, the hard work will be over and your goal will be COMPLETE! Yeeeah!

I’d be living a fantasy to think that a spoon full of sugar will make the medicine go down every time, or that the application of a seemingly simple solution will solve every challenge we face…but I do believe we can decide on our approach to a lot of our challenges in life, and we can set ourselves up to THRIVE! Motivation actually isn’t as far away as you think…I’m pretty sure it’s just standing right behind you.



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Determined to get as much out of life as possible...and to give just as much.
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