Waiting for What?

20120227-174324.jpgI bought an ice cream today…it’s a warm day, so it didn’t take long before it started melting down my hand. I had to eat it pretty fast to save it getting all over me. There was no option to look at it for a while before I ate it or to wait until I walked to a nice park before I started eating it…to eat & enjoy as much as possible, I had to get into it ASAP.

I’ve heard people say things like, one day i’ll find a better job. One day I’ll go back and study again. Once I get past this financially stretching season, I’ll be able to save. I’d love to learn to play guitar, but I’ll just wait until I have a bit more time. I’ll save that special experience for when I get in a relationship one day. I haven’t called my mum in weeks, but now’s not really a good time. One day I’ll clean my car.

I’ve probably said these things too.

“It’s just that I’m facing a few challenges right now, but it’s ok because I’m thinking positively about the future. I’ll just wait it out”.

What is waiting?

Is it possible that we can over-spiritualise a waiting process and tell ourselves that God is making me wait to teach me a lesson about patience?

Is He really?

I reckon sometimes He could be holding back to teach us a lesson about Right Now.

Because often times waiting patiently can be just an excuse or coping mechanism to ignore your current state of reality. It’s hard to admit that you’re in debt, single and lonely, getting older, disconnected from your family, distant from God, or living the same day over and over again. It’s easier to say “I’ve just put that idea on hold for a while…I’ll do it soon.”

When is soon?

Waiting can steal your life from under your nose. If we’re not watching, “one day” could be the very reason we don’t do anything in life.

Don’t let Now pass you by. You only get one Now.

You’ll never travel, because you can’t wait until you all of a sudden have money, you have to save…can you try $20 a week? You may miss out on experiencing that ‘special restaurant’ while you wait for that special someone to come along…I say you take some friends and do it this weekend. You can’t wait for more time to read your bible, get fit, learn that instrument or hang out with your family, you just need to get up earlier or make it fit into your life.

I’d be living a very sad existence if I was just going through the ordinary motions of life while I wait for all of my circumstances to line up.

Because that may never happen.

You’ve heard stories about elderly people who look back over their lives with regret, feeling as if they had wasted so many years, and wishing they had done more.

My ice cream tasted way too amazing to let it drip down my arm.

And right now I’m sitting in a beautiful cafe in a place I’ve never been before. I feel like a tourist. I try to have a new experience like this every Monday on my day off. I’ve been to SO many places! There are way too many thing in life I want to do.

Now sounds like a great idea.


If you’ve got any thoughts to help me with my theories, I’d love to read them… Please add a comment below.


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Determined to get as much out of life as possible...and to give just as much.
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7 Responses to Waiting for What?

  1. Marissa says:

    Vaughn and I just lost a friend in a motorbike accident yesterday. I didnt know him that well but vaughn grew up with him. He was a few months younger than me. He had 7 brothers and sisres and was married for only a few years. It’s made me realise how muchI love the people around me and that I’m willing to do what ever it takes to be the best i can be and sow in everything I have. I want to be a better wife and sister, a better daughter and friend. I want to work hard at the things I want. It all starts now!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing Marissa. That’s sad to hear about Vaughn’s friend & not the most ideal kind of reality check. But glad you’ve come to decide that. I know you’ll do great things…you’re amazing & capable of SO much! Love you!

  2. Lisa Cartmer says:

    This is awesome Hannah Bear! Wake up call and encouraging at the same time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us ! Love it! x

  3. Laura says:

    Love the post! Make the most of today!
    I wrote something similar on my blog a while ago. http://skyeway.tumblr.com/post/10684812251/the-big-wait
    Check it out šŸ™‚
    Keep writing & God Bless xx

    • Thanks Laura. Hey I read your blog post. It was great! Nice work! Yeah very similar thoughts…it’s so important to think this through hey?…we could waste our life waiting for things and never enjoy or be satisfied with our present reality. Keep thinking and writing…you’ll do GREAT things with your life. šŸ™‚

  4. Cameron Glading says:

    what you said is very mature and wise, and is exactly what people should be doing, none of this waiting around business, because time is one of the most precious things in life. If i’ve wasted today doing nothing, i will never ever get this day back again, that day is lost forever. So we need to make the most of your time, because there is so much out there, going on crazy adventures and exploring new places and things, so why wait? why make excuses ? just take a risk and do it , what have you got to lose?

    Even if the risk you took didn’t turn out like it was supposed to, you learn from it and do it better next time to make sure it doesn’t happen again.Its also refreshing to see people out there like you Hannah, not wasting life, because we can’t expect to be spoonfed all the time and have everything on a silver platter. It says in James 4:8, draw close to God, and he will draw close to you, God won’t come close to you if you don’t come close to him and if you don’t want him, saying “oh ill spend time with god next week”, then they leave church because they couldn’t be bothered , or ” oh ill just wait a little longer to get thinner and healthy”and then you remain unhappy with yourself. None of this stuff will happen if we keep making excuses, so we all need to wake up and think , man what can i do today!, or ask ourselves the question, why do i wake up everyday? when we learn our purpose it helps us to drive a more riskful,happy,enthusiastic,productive, amazing life. We can’t be lazy, there is so much out there and i most definitely don’t want to waste it. God has so much he wants us to experience.

    Keep up the theories Hannah , they are amazing.

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