Just MAKE A DECISION!! [part I]

I’m guessing it’d be pretty normal to catch yourself feeling unsatisfied with life. You recognise that your feelings of excitement and motivation for your job, studies or other commitments are just not as strong as they used to be. Life isn’t energising or enjoyable, it’s just hard work.

It’s at this point of recognition that I’d yell “STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” There’s a reason you’re feeling unsatisfied, and if you keep going, you’re going to waste your life!

It’s time to get decisive…

I can be extremely indecisive, but there’s something I know…Chocolate is my favourite flavour of ice cream. And then one day I walk into the supermarket and Vanilla ice cream is on special. Eager to save money, I buy vanilla… Even though I’m happy about my bargain and I do enjoy eating it, I’m not completely satisfied. There’s nothing like chocolate ice cream.

There was probably a point in time when you were offered a job, received acceptance for a course or were presented with an incredible opportunity. You were excited about it, you were flattered, amazed at how well it suited your skills and passions, and you took it on making it fit perfectly within your lifestyle. You were stoked about life!

And then what happened? Your work load grew, you got stressed, lost your free time, grew tired, got sick of the demands, it became tedious, and your amazing opportunity sucked the life out of you.

Years later…you’re bored, depressed and you’re still eating vanilla ice cream without even realising. You’re cheating yourself from living the dream!…Chocolate ice cream is still available!

Here’s the fun part…You can actually empower yourself to make life exciting by reevaluating your life decisions…

In reevaluating my choices I might recognise I eat toast for breakfast every single morning just purely out of habit. This truth allows me to discover pancakes, bacon and eggs, muesli and even cake for breakfast, and my mornings just got very exciting!

In reassessing your career you may realise that you find it ridiculously boring to sit at a desk as a receptionist. Being truthful with yourself allows you to rediscover your dream to be a school teacher, your heart starts to beat, and you’ve stirred a sense of purpose you haven’t felt in a long time.

You need to decide what you want and expect from life. If you have no idea, or you’re too scared to be honest with yourself, you’ll never find satisfaction. Don’t get stuck going through the motions! Don’t waste your energy living a meaningless life.

God has exciting plans for you and you CAN find that thing you were born to do that will fill your life with meaning, purpose, passion and satisfying Joy.

…And after trying new things, you may actually decide that toast is still your favourite choice for breakfast, or that you love being a receptionist. Well it was worth the reevaluation process to help you decide that. And now that you know this, you can recommit to it, fully embrace it, and have a fresh appreciation for something you’ve always done… Life is fresh and exciting again.


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Determined to get as much out of life as possible...and to give just as much.
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4 Responses to Just MAKE A DECISION!! [part I]

  1. Elora says:

    Good job Hannah! Loving your choice of words and illustrations. Time to think. And decide

  2. “…And after trying new things, you may actually decide that toast is still your favourite choice for breakfast, or that you love being a receptionist.”

    This is so true… Sometimes the opportunity to say no to an offer of change (and in doing so saying yes to what you are already doing) can be the difference between living accidentally and living on purpose.

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