I have a feeling my life is not very normal. What’s “normal”?… Who knows? All I know is that people seem to question some of the decisions I’ve made over my life as if the choices I’ve made have been pretty unique. I don’t feel abnormal…But maybe I am.

I sometimes go running with my housemate. She’s fitter than me and I definitely have to push myself to keep up with her. I used to go running by myself…My normal capacity for running was probably about 10mins before I got tired and had to slow down to a walk. I was ok with that. So when I started running with her and was pushed to run for 20mins straight without slowing down, 10mins just sounded weak. If she could do it, then so could I. 20mins became the new normal.

And then I discovered something in me that wanted to push beyond that. I wasn’t satisfied with normal. I wanted to go beyond normal. I wanted my normal to be better than the standard normal. So I pushed myself to start running 30mins. And pushed myself again and again, and before I knew it, I was running for days without stopping (ok not really, but my personal records have been pretty impressive).

Considering all this made me think about the other areas of life. I guess you could call me competitive (having two brothers will do that to you), but I feel like there is something deep within me that is just not satisfied with normal. And I don’t even mean society’s standards and averages or what my peers class as normal…I’m thinking about those who inspire me and their level of normal.

I was inspired by my housemate’s level of fitness… But she’s above average. She’s beyond normal. So really, I was inspired to be abnormal.

I haven’t written a blog in ages. It seems like so much work to me. But I’ve got friends who are writing novels and other friends who push out amazing blogs in 10minutes. I’m inspired by their normal. And again, something that once seemed abnormal to me becomes the new normal.

Recently the opportunity came up for me to go sky diving. I pretty much signed up instantly. I didn’t think about the danger, fear or consequences. Friends were impressed or even shocked at my decision…but people go sky diving all the time. It’s normal. Why not?

Last year I was offered a position on Staff at a church in Sydney….But I lived in Melbourne. I had been preparing for change and loved the idea of the adventure, so a few months later I moved interstate. I wasn’t too concerned about the discomfort and loss of leaving everything. There are people that make massive moves overseas… I was only moving an hour flight away. It’s normal.

I work two really crazy jobs, I work with 200 out-of-control teenagers, public speaking is my life, I get too excited about experimenting and spontaneity, I have a goal to visit a new place or experience something new every week, I cross the bridge all the time, and I love change.

I guess I’ve chosen not to be afraid of being different, not to avoid discomfort and not to be satisfied with normal.

So I’m called weird, adventurous, a risk taker…abnormal. And that’s the way I like it.


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Determined to get as much out of life as possible...and to give just as much.
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